“Poetry returns to us from the depths of a wounded psyche, no longer in harmony with the world — and following this road we will meet up with Baudelaire and much of modern poetry.” ― Giacomo Leopardi, Zibaldone: The Notebooks of Leopardi

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  • fv3/codeblocks: dev-master
    php source code and css for code blocks

  • fv3/default-components: dev-master
    default page components for facileFramework and facileWorkbench

  • fv3/fortunes: dev-master
    Get text package for facile-framework v3

  • fv3/gettext: dev-master
    Get text package for facile-framework v3

  • fv3/objects: dev-master
    PHP objects for facile framework v3

  • fv3/themes: dev-master
    Themes package for facile-framework and facile-workbench v3

  • maninbocss/data.com: dev-master
    Data package for maninbocss.com website

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